Have you ever thought about renovating your home so that you could sell it for more? With all TV shows about renovating and selling homes you might be wondering about... how you can to do it successfully? Many thoughts might come to mind:

  • Do I have enough funds?
  • How much time it will take?
  • Should I hire a professional contractor or do it by myself?
  • How much would it cost?
  • Will I recover my investment?
  • Where should I spend more?
  • Should I sell my home as is?
  • and more…

Bay Homes Group may have your answer!

We can help you find the current value of your home. We will provide you with all the information you need including the pros and cons so that you can make a solid comfortable decision. After our expert evaluation, if your home qualifies, we can provide the funds necessary to complete the renovations needed. With our team of experienced contractors we trust, you can feel confident we will get the job done right! We don’t win unless you win! So take a chance on us!

Contact us for a complimentary estimate and to find out if your home qualifies.